Effects of the Pandemic Impact on the Furniture Industry Effects of the Pandemic Impact on the Furniture Industry
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Effects of the Pandemic Impact on the Furniture Industry Effects of the Pandemic Impact on the Furniture Industry
10 September 2021

The Impact of the Epidemic on the Furniture Industry

At the beginning of 2020, a virus that we could not understand what it was, where it came from and how it was transmitted began to shake the throne of all ordinary normals. The world has witnessed events that changed the course of history for centuries. It is predicted that the Corona 2019 virus will have powerful effects that will change the course of history. Because we have come to wear masks even with our nuclear family members in the same house. It has affected every area from our lifestyles and working conditions to our eating and drinking habits, and it has blown the winds of change. The furniture and home decoration sector, on the other hand, has had its fair share.

Before the corona, especially families whose spouses were working could not spend much time at home, they slept for a while after resting after work in the evening. The thing in mind was a holiday that would raise morale again among the boring and monotonous business life. With the start of closures with the bans, flexible working or working from home options, people started to think differently. When they couldn't take a vacation and stayed at home, they started to review their environment and make some decisions. While the society now wanted more health, more peace and tranquility, he discovered that this was possible in his home, where he spent almost all of his time in curfews, and in home decoration.

2020 Turkish Furniture Export in Numbers

While a large part of the country has become an apartment society, people are now looking for vineyards, gardens and mask-distance. As we spent time in the house, the old sofas and the creaking beds became more noticeable, and there was a desire to change. This situation became a flare for the sector representatives. The numbers also support this. “Turkey's furniture exports increased significantly in 2020 and reached 3 billion 422 million dollars. Despite the epidemic conditions, whose negative effects on trade were felt significantly in 2020, furniture exports in 2020 increased by 12% compared to the previous year. (see Republic of Turkey Ministry of Commerce-Furniture Sector Report)”

The Effect of Culture on Furniture Selection

 As a society, we attach importance to aesthetics and elegance in furniture, this understanding is partly in our culture and roots, but with the epidemic, the comfort part of the business has become another important factor. The rooms, which were previously furnished to see whether the guests like it or not, have now begun to be furnished as if for pleasure and comfort. “It is seen that furniture is multi-purpose/functional, comfortable/comfortable and flexible, and the importance of ergonomics in furniture has increased with the increasing elderly population. (See Republic of Turkey Ministry of Commerce-Furniture Sector Report)”. If we take a look at the new designs and products of the companies, it will not be difficult to see the reflections of this understanding.

It seems that this situation will continue for a while because although vaccination has reached a certain level, the desired recovery and immunity have not been achieved. In the winter months, people think that new closures will come. As companies and the Turkish Furniture Industry, we must catch up with this trend of change and even manage it.

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